Web Design Inspiration with Schipul Designers Mary & Erica!

Hi I'm Mary Shamburger and I'm Erica
Bogdan, and we're designers here at Schipul and today we're going to share with you
some great design resources we use here at work. One site that i like to use for
inspiration is awwwards.com. They have sites of the day, sites of the month, and
honorable mentions, and it's a good a good idea for like modern design, clean
designs, and just trying to find something unique. This website also lets
you see what's trending and maybe what's up and coming. Another site I like to use
is TheBestDesigns.com.

It offers a gallery search where you can find maybe
gradients, a site that has gradients, another site that has really ornate design, a retro
feel, or maybe even is illustrated. You can also find the other designers that
are featured on the site, and you can search by feed like blog or business,
maybe even minimal. So Mary just shared with you great inspiration sites, but you
also need things like fonts and images when you start a new design, and one great
resource for fonts is fontsquirrel.com where you can sort any kind of font
you would like sans-serif, display, grunge, retro.

So most of these fonts are free
but they only give you two different font families and then the rest you have to
pay for, but it's definitely a great starting point when you're working in
design, and this is the popular font page where you can see which ones are fonts
that people are really using for their websites, and give you a better idea of
what's popular right now and what's a good font to use for your design. Images
are really important for great graphic design and one site we really like to
use here is istock.com to make our websites pop. For Istock you need an account
and all of these graphics are going to be paid for through credits,
and once you have your account signed up for, you go to the search bar right here
and type in what you're looking for I like to use Istock because it's really
easy to use, they have a great selection of images and illustrations, and you can
see a great selection of images and sizes in every variety that you need.

Those are a few websites we use for design inspiration. Go to Schipul.com to
see more of our design portfolio Thanks for watching!.

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