Shopify Website Design Tutorial 2024 – Step by Step

– Hi there, my name is Simon and in this video I'' m mosting likely to show you, action by action, just how to design a Shopify store. If you ' ve never constructed or made a Shopify store prior to, then the entire procedure can be fairly frustrating and the video clip you'' re watching right now will make it a whole lot much easier for you since it will take you detailed via the entire process of designing your own shop and undergoing all the setups and all the alternatives so you can be sure that you'' ve covered everything that you require to cover and you recognize what you can do with the Shopify editor and how to in fact construct out your store so it looks terrific in the end. I'' m gon na leave all the steps we'' re gon na cover in the video summary down below so if you'' re trying to find a certain component, you can likewise jump in advance. I would certainly say, let'' s. not lose any even more time and obtain directly right into the tutorial. All right, so the initial step is to register for your Shopify account and I suggest to utilize my recommendation link, which you can locate down.
below in the description to authorize up.This will take you to my Shopify commerce train touchdown web page which will certainly allow you to. extend your free trial for an added 3 months for simply one dollar each month. You essentially obtain three. months of making use of Shopify with all the features for only one buck each month, which is an excellent offer and it gives you enough. time to get every little thing ready for the launch of your shop
. Make certain to make use of that. Web link in the description and as soon as you ' re on this page,
just type in your email e-mail and then after that on start free cost-free. Below Shopify is going. to ask you a couple of concerns concerning what sort of company or store
you ' re attempting to construct. If you want, you can. answer those'inquiries here, yet it really doesn ' t. issue
what you address because the Shopify version we ' re
getting coincides for everyone. What I such as to do is. just click on miss all right here at the bottom.Here just choose your country and click on following.
I ' m gon na pick this choice and then decide on a password and click on create Shopify account. To do that, we ' re gon na. For the invoicing cycle, I ' m gon na go with monthly, but you can additionally choose annual if you wan na save some money.
So, let ' s head over to online shop and this will certainly take us to the styles, and, as you can see, the current style that is currently'installed. is the Dawn motif, but if you wan na transform it, you can scroll down and. You can click on see theme store. And after that below you have a collection of all type of various. motifs you can utilize and mount on your shop. So you can surf those. Motifs if you want to, just. a great deal of these styles are actually paid motifs, so you ' re gon
na have to pay in order for you to. mount them on your store.If you'' re just beginning, I would simply stay with
the cost-free styles and you'can simply filter them by clicking on the complimentary. filter right here on the left side which leaves you with all.
And if you wan na check them out, just click on the style and after that click on sight trial shop and then you can simply click. Currently the brand-new motif is set up and if you really desire to use it, you ' re gon na have to click on publish and then once more click on publish and currently the style has switched. Now, to'switch back to the default motif, I ' m simply gon na click on.
I just desired to
show you how exactly how actually in fact set up theme.So now we are back with the default themeMotif And now we ' re gon na start. Let ' s click on customize and this will certainly take us.
If you wan na switch over web pages, we can just click on this link, and after that switch over to any of the pages that we ' d like to modify. And after that here on the left side, we'can see a review of all of the components on our page. So on every page on your shop, there ' s gon na be the header location which you can see here'. Presently in the header we. have a statement bar here on top, after that we
have the header, which is just food selection, our. shop name or the logo design, and after that the purchasing cart
. right here at the ideal side.And then in between the.
header and the footer, which is right at the base, this part below. Here generally we have some. web links to some legal pages, maybe an email signup section, and afterwards also some icons depending on what you ' d like to include. And then in between the. header and the footer, we have just the content of the web page.
Our entire shop is gon na be constructed out
of different types of sections and then within those sectionsAreas we have different types kinds elements.So for example here right here have. You can likewise include even more blocks by simply clicking right here and after that we can add some even more text or we can also include even more areas. When we scroll down and allow ' s claim go and include a section between this area below at.
Now the initial point we ' re gon na'do is add a slide show right here on top of the web page, that ' s something you see a lot, particularly with like style shops. We ' re gon na do that. So, you can also use this image banner and then just add one image, but in my case, I ' m just gon na remove this entire section and then I ' m gon na click on add section'and I ' m gon na seek. a slide show'section. I ' m gon na pick the slideshow and then it will
be inserted right here. Now the featured products. are above the slide show and I really wan na change that, so allow ' s return to the introduction and afterwards drag and drop the area to the top of the web page. Now in order for us to. in fact include the content, the photos to the section, allow ' s choose it by clicking it and then for the initial slide, let ' s click on select image.So, for this store I ' ve. currently prepared a couple of

pictures that I'wish to include to this slideshow, so I ' m simply gon na drag. And drop all of the images right into this field, then once they ' re posted, I ' m gon na select the. picture and click done.
And currently when we return to the review here on the left side, we can see that we have one. image here in the first slide and I in fact wan na have. four different photos, so 4 slides. I ' m gon na click on add slide and afterwards go back once more and add another slide, so I have 4 slides here that I can add.So allow ' s add the second image by going

to the second one, choose picture, and now let ' s select this here, click done, and after that I ' m gon na go to the 3rd one, choose picture, pick this set, done, and go back once more, most likely to the 4th slide, select the image, and currently allow ' s pick this, done. Now allow ' s return once more and now'we can see we. have four different slides and
we can additionally see just how they change when you click on this. arrow here near the bottom, we can see they basically alter below, so we have 4 various ones. And the next step is going to be altering this section here.So, now we get on the initial slide and the initial thing I wan na do is kind of change up the style. What I ' m gon na do is I ' m gon na uncheck this alternative below, show container on desktop, and then I'' m gon na change. the desktop content placement, I ' m gon na yet this in the.'bottom-left edge right below, so allow ' s click
lower left, and after that I ' m likewise gon na do. desktop web content positioning to the left and now I likewise require to transform the shade because we have a darker background. So allow ' s transform the shade. plan'to the plan 3, that makes this white, and then we can alter the text.So what I

' m gon na do is I'' m gon na duplicate and.
paste some taglines here that I'' ve gotten ready for the heading, so I ' m gon na paste that in below, and after that I'' m not gon na. use the subheadings, I'' m simply gon na leave this below. And afterwards for the button tag, I'' m gon na simply change it to shop now. And afterwards whenever you add a switch, you also wan na make certain that the button in fact links someplace. Under switch web link below, allow'' s select a page, so allow ' s simply send this to the items, allow'' s claim all products, and now the button is filled. out as you can see here. And I really wan na make.
the message here a little bit smaller sized, so for the heading size I'' m gon na transform it to tiny. And there we go, that'' s the look I wished to go for. And currently we wan na essentially.
do the same thing for every one of the other slides also. Allow'' s go back one action and then choose the second slide and after that, right here it makes even more feeling to have the switch and the.
message right here under right since there'' s some vacant area here.So allow ' s

scroll down.
And then placed the web content to the lower right, then desktop computer positioning, let'' s do. And then additionally uncheck this alternative and currently the shade plan is really great because we have a light history, so we require dark text. Currently, allow'' s remove the subheading and'after that I ' m simply gon na use.
Later in the video I ' m gon na reveal you how to include collections. Heading size I ' m gon na do small right here, and yeah, that looks good. Clearly it ' s
up to you what kind of content web content wan na add hereBelow I recommend to just simply.
next area of our web page which is gon na be including a few of our products. Now once more, it'' s up
to. you what type of items you wan na attribute right here. Typically what several shops do is type of function their brand-new arrivals or possibly their bestsellers, or perhaps if it'' s a one-product shop, you wan na have actually just a. included item area. So by clicking on add area, you can add a highlighted item area and afterwards people can get. that particular item directly on the home page.But now I '

m gon na reveal you just how.
to add items to your shop and just how to include collections, so there will be in fact your items presented here on the web page. So to add our items to our shop, we'' re gon na need to go back. to the Shopify dashboard. Make certain you conserve the modifications below by clicking conserve at the top right and after that allow ' s float over the. exit button at the leading left, best click, and afterwards. click open in a new tab. And in this manner we have the Shopify control panel below in this new tab, but we still have the editor open here and we can see all the.
changes that we make. This is just an easy way to kind of build your store a bit faster so you put on'' t have to simply go. backward and forward all the time. So now, in your control panel,.
let'' s most likely to items and afterwards below let ' s click include item. And right here we just wan na. go from top to bottom and add all the information.
concerning the item that you'' re selling.So as an instance, I'' m just. gon na add a hoodie as a product,'so I ' m simply gon na key in hoodie and afterwards for the description, you wan na certainly likewise.
provide some more information concerning the product, what makes it unique, possibly some certain step as well depending upon what you'' re marketing. You can additionally utilize this
. generate text, an AI choice, to sort of have AI compose a text or a summary for you if you desire that. Then under media, it'' s really important that.
you include high-quality photos of the products that you'' re selling.A great deal of your shop layout will come down to the kind.
of high quality of images you have that you can include as material on your shop. So I'' m just gon na drag. and go down in a couple of photos of this item and after that below once they'' re uploaded, you can additionally reposition.
them nevertheless you wish to. Then under rates, you can just kind in the price right here, so let'' s say this is gon na be$ 99 and then you can always.
include a compare rate and this is gon na be shown as a rate that will be sort of striked through. Kind of like now it used to be $120 and currently it'' s just $ 99. You can additionally add some details about your inventory and also if you wan na bill.
delivery based on weight, you can add the weight of the item below and if you have variations,.
like different sizes, or colors, or any type of types of variants, after that you definitely wan na set.
those up here under versions. When you have actually gone into all the details concerning your item, let'' s click on save, and currently when we return here we can see that under products we have our very first product added.And to add even more of our items, we just most likely to add product again and after that experience the specific same actions. Now I'' ve included a few.
more items to my shop and I likewise wan na create a couple of collections. When we come over right here.
and click on collections, after that right here we can produce.
different classifications for the various kinds of.
products that we'' re selling. Currently there'' s like. a home web page collection, I actually wear'' t requirement this so I'' m simply gon na pick it below and I'' m gon na go to the three dots and click on delete.
collection and confirm.And after that what

I wan na do is develop a collection for males'' s apparel and after that likewise for ladies'' s clothing. Allow'' s click on create collection and after that here allow
' s createProduce' one for ladies first, so I ' m simply going to type in ladies and after that under collection'type, I ' m gon na leave it on manual so I can
by hand include. products to this collection.You can also have it automated and after that you would simply. be dealing with tags so it can offer particular tags, like for a hoodie you. would certainly provide it a tag hoodie and after that also females depending. on that this hoodie is for and what sort of style it is and then you can cerate automations to ensure that your products will. be immediately designated to particular collections. Currently I ' m gon na make it simple and just stick to the hands-on one and then we also wan na include an. photo here for this collection so I ' m gon na look and go in my folder below and I'' ve prepared a picture right below, I'' m simply gon na drag and'go down that in so that individuals can see, all right, this is the females'' s collection.Then let ' s click on conserve and'currently I ' m also gon na. accumulate a men ' s
collection. 'I ' m gon na click on.
Currently, when we go back to our collections, we can see we have a males'' s. and a ladies ' s collection and I wan na include a 3rd collection for all of the items. Let ' s again go to develop collection'and after that I ' m gon na kind in brand-new arrivals. Of training course, you can additionally simply add maybe a wintertime collection you.
wan na present on the page, or maybe a bestsellers collection, whatever makes feeling for your store.So after that I '

m simply gon na.
Include an image right here and after that click on conserve and go back, and now we have our three collections. Yet as you can see, we have no items in.
our collections until now, so the next step would.
be to add our items to these collections. Allow'' s go back to our items and then let'' s choose all of the items that are for men. In my instance this would.
be these ones right below, and after that once they'' re selected, I ' m gon na go to
the. 3 dots at the bottom and click on add to collections and in this instance I'' m gon na include. them to the males'' s collection and click conserve.

Currently the brand-new style is installed and if you really want to use it, you ' re gon na have to click on release and then again click on release and now the motif has actually switched. When we scroll down and let ' s state go and add a section in between this area here at. And drop all of the photos into this field, after that once they ' re published, I ' m gon na pick the. I ' m gon na click on include slide and then go back as soon as again and include one more slide, so I have four slides right here that I can add.So let ' s add the second image by going

to the second one, select picture, and now allow ' s select this one here, click on done, and after that I ' m gon na go to the third one, pick image, select this one, done, and go back once again, go to the fourth slide, choose the image, and currently allow ' s select this one, done. Currently, when we go back to our collections, we can see we have a males'' s. and a ladies ' s collection and I wan na add a third collection for all of the products.Currently we can go back to the various other tab which is the Shopify editor. We ' re back right here on
the home page, and right here below have have actually featured highlighted section and this section area justSimply
reveal some of our items. Currently what I wan na do is I wan na reveal my new. arrivals collection right here listed below this header or below this primary section at the top. So I ' m gon na erase. this featured collection by clicking the trash icon and after that I ' m gon na.
click on the add area and I ' m gon na seek. included collection right here.And now I have to tell Shopify what sort of collection I'wish to include here on the web page. So, allow ' s scroll down. on the left-side food selection and click on choose collection. And in my case, I'wan na add. the new arrivals collection, so I ' m gon na inspect this one and afterwards click pick. And currently we can see that the. collection that is revealed are every one of the products that we have actually placed into the new kid on the blocks collection.We can likewise change the title here, so I would likewise alter
. this to brand-new arrivals and we can likewise add a. summary, for instance, take a look at our new supply. or something like that.
And currently the following area that. I wan na contribute to my web page is I wan na reveal the males ' s. and the women ' s collection so people who get to the shop, they can click guys'' females or s ' s relying on what they ' re shopping for.So, let ' s return to the overview here and afterwards below my featured collection I'' m gon na add an additional section and in this case, I'' m gon na add a collection list so it will present the different kinds of collections we have. So allow'' s click here and after that we can see there will be three different collections displayed. In my case, I only wan na reveal two, so I'' m gon na simply decrease the variety of columns on desktop computer to two and currently we only have two.
various collections. So, I'' m gon na choose the initial collection by simply clicking it and after that click on choose collection and I'' m gon na use the. women ' s one first, choose, and then also go to the 2nd one and after that choose the guys ' s collection. And now for one reason or another there ' s still a collection down below, so allow ' s return to the overview right here and then under collection checklist, let'' s simply erase this 3rd collection by clicking the trash icon and now we ' re simply left. with these 2 collections.And possibly let

' s likewise.
transform the title below, so allow'' s go back to this section, and under
heading, I ' m. simply gon na delete it because people will certainly understand what this implies. And currently I can see that there'' s still this 3rd collection down here, so we wan na delete that, so allow'' s just click it below and afterwards click eliminate.
block on the bottom left and currently we'' re just entrusted the ladies ' s and the men ' s collection. Let ' s additionally delete this title below or maybe transform it to something else. Instead of collections let ' s just state locate your style, and now when individuals really.
click these collections they will reach the women'' s collection or the guys ' s collection. Possibly let'' s attempt it out, allow ' s click on it, and then you can see this.
is all of the items that we have actually contributed to.
the ladies'' s collection and this will straight go.

to the'collection page.So allow ' s go back to our web page by changing web pages here on top and this will certainly resemble the standard structure of like a fashion shop, so you have some lifestyle.
photos here on top like this slide show that we have actually added, you have a certain collection.
that you can present right here, and afterwards you additionally have.
your main collections like for this shop.
it'' s gon na be a females ' s and a males ' s collection. And after that, if you intend to, you can additionally add even more points like if you wan na inform a story, or if you wan na simply offer.
some even more information concerning how your products are made, there is great sections.
for this kind of web content, you can just click add section below and afterwards include the area that.
would make one of the most feeling wherefore you such as to connect. Currently allow'' s move on and take an appearance at how to customize the header of our shop. The header is constantly on.
top of all of the web pages on your shop and presently we have two.
areas in the header, we have the announcement bar which is this set here on top, and then we have the header itself.So the statement bar is. normally utilized for announcement as the name claims, so for instance if you have actually a. Black Friday sale taking place, what you could do is. just change the text here to something like use code. let ' s state BF20 for 20 %off or something like that and afterwards individuals will certainly see that and they will certainly be more likely to actually get something on your store. You can additionally enter something like restricted time only, or just something that will certainly obtain individuals to in fact purchase something.Now you can likewise erase this whole bar if that ' s not something you wan na do, you can simply click on the

garbage icon right here and then the entire. statement bar will be gone. Now let ' s look at the. real header section where we have the store name or the logo design area. where you place your logo.
After that you have the food selection and after that you have the. search bar and the cart.
The first point I wan na do is include my logo right here to. Allow ' s choose our header and after that let ' s scroll all the way down and go to the theme setups, then scroll better down and then you can see where. I ' m simply gon na drop and drag in a logo design I promptly created in Canva, so I ' m simply gon na drag.
enter something like style store logo design and afterwards you have a great deal of. templates that you can make use of, you can just transform the message below and afterwards download and install the logo design.
and utilize it on your store. So once it ' s uploaded, we can also transform some settings, so we can
just drag the. slider below'to the right, make it a little bit larger if we want to, maybe we do desire 20 pixels.
And then we can likewise alter the format of the entire header. Allow ' s scroll back up and then perhaps play around. If you wan na have a bit even more of a minimalistic design.
up below on the left side.I ' m simply gon na really. utilize the dropdown one, the default one. And currently I wan na show you exactly how to tailor this major food selection right here in the header.

So to customize this we ' re gon na have to go back. to the Shopify dashboard which we still have open. here in one more tab. When here, we ' re. gon na go to on-line shop,'and after that click navigating.
As soon as below, we wan na click on major food selection, this is the one at
the top of your storeShop and then here below can edit modify menu.So, for example, I don Put on t. wan na have a home linkWeb link so I ' m just gon na click. I ' m just gon na click on add food selection item and then I ' m gon na click right here and go to collections, and I ' m gon na select the guys ' s collection and then I ' m gon na do the exact same point and likewise choose the ladies ' s collection. And to transform the order of the food selection items we can just go down and drag.
Allow ' s click on save food selection and currently we can go back to the editor, conserve the page, and now when we refill the web page, we ought to be able to see the. brand-new food selection here at the top.Now let ' s go on and go to.
the footer of the site which is right near the bottom.
So right below we can click it and after that we see all the. choices here on the left side.
So by default they have actually added. this e-mail signup area where people can type. in their email address and then you can send.
them out your newsletter or certain promotion codes.
or something like that. If you ' re gathering emails
on your store, I suggest to actually provide something like a 10% discount rate on the very first order so in fact individuals will have. an incentive to authorize up.Just asking people to.
For this shop, I ' m not gon na gather any emails yet,'so what I ' m gon na do it simply. And after that here we can get in.
To make these social. media symbols show up, we have
to just paste and duplicate. in our links to these fields, so for
the Facebook profile we just paste in our Facebook link, and after that for the Instagram,. we paste in our Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. And simply by doing that, these social networks icons will. appear here in the footer and when individuals click on those icons, they will certainly go to the web links. that you place in right here. Now, allow ' s scroll back up.
to the different alternatives and after that we have the.
Payment approaches.
So by default Shopify always shows you different payment techniques. If you wan na get rid of those, you can just uncheck this choice and afterwards they will disappear, yet I recommend to in fact. leave them activated since then people can see that there ' s a great deal of. options to actually look into and spend for the products. that they wan na purchase.
Now the following point that we need to do is really trigger the. plan web links right below, so we wan na check this choice, but we haven ' t established up our plans yet so we require our delivery. plan, our return policy and so forth. To make sure that ' s what we ' re gon na currently, we ' re gon na establish these pages and then once we'have actually done that, they will appear in the footer as well. So to establish up our policies, allow ' s first conserve our modifications and afterwards allow ' s go back. to the Shopify dashboard we have still open right here in the other'tab, and after that we wan na most likely to settings right at the lower left and afterwards we wan na seek plans, it ' s right below near the bottom, and afterwards right here you can just. go into all of your policies.Now, if you need some advice on exactly how to create your policy, after that I suggest just make use of. the templates of Shopify. After that they will certainly place in a layout for a basic return and refund policy and what I suggest is to when you click on create from theme. just checked out this policy and after that make any type of adjustments to your particular shop and organization.
Now one point that I don ' t. like with this Dawn theme is that the plan links below are
all left lined and I actually really to have them centered just like the other various otherAspects First we ' re gon na. And now we'' re gon na go.
into the footer menu below and after that first I ' m gon na. remove the search feature, so simply click remove right here and verify.
And after that I ' m gon na click on add food selection item and after that add all
of the policies that we ' ve just created developed clicking here right here go to policies plans then after that select of your policies plans and just simply them to your footer menu. As soon as everything is added, allow ' s click on conserve menu and then go back to the editor and now we ' re gon na go. Allow ' s click on save and after that allow ' s go back to the dashboard, allow ' s go to online shop, and after that go to the 3 dots, and go to edit default theme content.Then below let'' s search for links, and then under links you.
Now when we return to the editor and reload the page, then scroll all the way down, we can see that the powered. by Shopify is currently gone, so we simply have the copyright 2023 and afterwards your shop name. Now we require to change. the name of our store to our actual trademark name so we can see that below.
Allow ' s do that currently by going back to the dashboard, after that going to settings at the lower left and after that here under shop information we can click on this pen
iconSymbol and then after that right hereTransform And when you click on it, it ' ll simply get to the home web page. Currently we ' re done with.
If you wear ' t understand what that is, you can just go to the 3 dots here and then click on sight and this will open up. Letter of this logo design. When that ' s included, I'can just click on conserve, and now when I go back to the store, and after that when we refill.
When we go back to the style setups and go to the colors, we can also change all.
Very same point with typography, below you can transform all the settings, all the various font styles that. I typically put on ' t invest also.
Currently we ' re done with the primary parts of making our
storeShop we mainly focused on adding.
is what it appears like, so below you can see all the. details that we offer when we add our items, after that you have here the item'photos and normally you can see.
There ' s a great deal more.
Just go via all the pages and just see if whatever looks good. Normally Shopify does a fantastic task at maximizing whatever for mobile, so there ' s absolutely nothing you need to do, however sometimes you simply. Under shop details, we ' ve already established up our store name, however we also wan na make.
systems of your shop. Then a really important point is establishing our settlement systems, so under settlements we'can. established Shopify payments which will certainly allow our site visitors to inspect out using a charge card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Store Pay, whatever they desire.
Simply click on complete account established up, then fill up in all of your details so that individuals will certainly be able. Include PayPal checkout.

And currently for some factor there ' s still a collection down here, so let ' s go back to the introduction below and after that under collection list, allow'' s simply delete this 3rd collection by clicking the trash symbol and currently we ' re just left. Allow ' s choose our header and then allow ' s scroll all the way down and go to the theme settings, after that scroll additionally down and then you can see where. I ' m simply gon na drop and drag in a logo design I promptly produced in Canva, so I ' m just gon na drag. I ' m just gon na click on add menu thing and then I ' m gon na click right here and go to collections, and I ' m gon na select the males ' s collection and then I ' m gon na do the exact same thing and likewise choose the females ' s collection. To set up our plans, let ' s first conserve our adjustments and then allow ' s go back.Let'' s go to shipping and distribution. This is where you wan na.
established up your shipping prices for you to deliver the.
items to the customer, so there'' s a lot of. alternatives here with Shopify, we can have a basic shipping rate, for domestic delivery,.
global delivery, or you can additionally have.
numerous delivery accounts for various type of products, or you wan na include delivery based upon weight or based upon quantity, you can good to go this up below in the delivery and shipment menu.Then under

duties and taxes, you wan na see to it to establish your tax obligations that you require to accumulate appropriately based upon where you'' re shipping to and based upon where you'' re selling from. Make certain to take a.
look appearance this. And currently we additionally wan na most likely to domain names and connect a custom-made domain name to our shop. Currently this is our domain and you can also see it right below, it'' s just a Shopify domain and we wan na alter that to.
our very own custom well-known domain, and we can purchase our domain.
or something like that. I most likely would try.
and go for domain name and as soon as you locate one, just click buy and undergo the check out process and after that domain will be.
automatically connected to your shop there'' s absolutely nothing.
more that you need to do. After that, if you'' re selling globally, it might also make good sense for you to visit languages and afterwards include more languages.
through your store. Shopify makes it quite straightforward to convert your store.
right into other languages, just visit this site and.
then pick the language you wan na equate your store in and then undergo this procedure. As you can see right here, Shopify says that it raises.
your conversion by 13% for international consumers, so this is certainly.
something that you wan na do if you'' re marketing globally. So currently we have actually considered.
the most vital settings, so let'' s close the setups below and currently we'' re essentially.
I hope this video clip aided you discovering exactly how to create a Shopify shop. If it did, please give.
Thanks quite for viewing, I look ahead to seeing. you in the next video clip.

Make certain to take a.
look appearance this. And now we also wan na go to domains and attach a customized domain to our store. I hope this video clip helped you finding out just how to create a Shopify store. If it did, please offer.

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