Shopify Website Design Tutorial 2024 – Step by Step

I would certainly claim, let'' s. not squander any kind of more time and get right right into the tutorial.All right, so the first step is to sign up for your Shopify account and I suggest to utilize my reference link, which you can discover down.
This will certainly take you to my Shopify commerce train touchdown page which will certainly enable you to.
Link in the summary and once you ' re on this web page,
just type in your email e-mail and then after that on start begin totally freeTest To do that, we ' re gon na. For the repayment technique, I ' m gon na go with credit history card.
after that you can click see motif store. And then right here you have a library of all kinds of various. themes you can mount and use on your shop.
You can surf those. If you ' re simply starting out, I would just stick to the totally free themes and you can just filter them by clicking on the complimentary.
filter right here on the left side and that leaves you with all.
of the different cost-free motifs that you can utilize with the Shopify plan.And if you

wan na inspect them out, simply click the theme and after that click sight trial shop and after that you can just click.
via the entire store and see how all of the web pages appear like. And if you discover one that you like, you can simply click shot style on the top right and now your motif will.
be mounted on your store and it takes us back to
. the Shopify control panel where, under style collection, we can see a summary of.
all the themes that we have and presently the brand-new style.
that we have actually simply taken a look at is being set up. Currently the new motif is installed and if you really desire to use it, you'' re gon na need to click release and afterwards once more click on publish and now the style has actually switched.
Currently, to switch back to the default style, I ' m just gon na click on. And now we'' re gon na begin. Let'' s click on customize and this will certainly take us.
into the store editor where presently we get on the home web page, as we can see right here. If you wan na switch over web pages, we can simply click here, and then switch to any of the pages that we'' d like to edit. And after that below on the left side, we can see a summary of all of the elements on our page.So on every web page on your store, there'' s gon na be the header area which you can see right here. Presently in the header we.
have a news bar right here on top, then we have the header, which is just food selection, our.
shop name or the logo, and then the purchasing cart.
right here at the right side. And afterwards in between the.
header and the footer, which is all the means near the bottom, this part here. Below normally we have some.
On the home web page.
currently, and by default, they'' ve put an image banner in right here and after that likewise a featured collection just displaying a few.
You can likewise include more blocks by simply clicking right here and after that we can include some more text or we can also include more sections.So when we scroll down and let ' s state go and include a section

in between this area here at. Currently you can additionally move sections up or down, the method I like to do it is just. Whenever you wan na delete a. certain section on your page, just float over the section.
Currently the very first point we ' re gon na'do is include a slide show right here on top of the web page, that ' s something you see a lot, particularly with like fashion shops. We ' re gon na do that. You can also use this photo banner and then simply add one photo, yet in my case, I ' m simply gon na erase this whole area and after that I ' m gon na click on include section'and I ' m gon na look for. a slide show'area. So I ' m gon na select the slideshow and afterwards it will certainly
be put right here. Currently the included products. are over the slideshow and I actually wan na alter that, so allow ' s return to the overview and after that drag and go down the section to the top of the home page.Now in order for us to. really include the material, the photos to the section, allow ' s choose it
by clicking on it and afterwards for the first slide, allow ' s click on select picture. For this store I ' ve. currently prepared a couple of'pictures that I intend to add to this slideshow, so I ' m just gon na drag. And drop all of the pictures into this field, then'once they ' re uploaded, I ' m gon na pick the. photo and click on done. And'now when we go back to the summary right here on the left side, we can see that we have one. picture here in the initial slide and I in fact wan na have.
4 different images, so 4 slides.I ' m gon na click
on include slide and then go back once more and include

one more slide, so I have four slides below that I can add. Allow ' s add the 2nd photo by going to the second one, select picture, and now let'' s pick this one below, click on done, and after that I ' m gon na go to the 3rd one, choose picture, choose this one, done, and go back when again, go to the 4th slide, select the photo, and currently let ' s pick this one, done. Now let ' s return once more and currently'we can see we. When you click on this, have four different slides and
we can also additionally how they change. arrowhead here near the bottom, we can see they generally transform right here, so we have 4 various ones.And the next action is going to be altering this section right here. So, currently we are on the initial slide and the very first point I wan na do is kind of modification up the design. So what I ' m gon na do is I ' m gon na uncheck this option right here, reveal container on desktop computer, and afterwards I'' m gon na alter. the desktop web content position, I ' m gon na yet this in the.'bottom-left edge right below, so let ' s click
lower left, and after that I ' m also gon na do. desktop computer material positioning to the left and now I also require to transform the shade since we have a darker background. So let ' s change the color. system'to the system 3, that makes this white, and after that we can change the message. So what I'' m gon na do is I ' m gon na copy and. paste some taglines right here that I ' ve planned for the heading, so I ' m gon na paste that in right here, and then I'' m not gon na. make use of the subheadings, I'' m simply gon na leave this right here. And afterwards for the button label, I'' m gon na just transform it to shop now.And then

whenever you add a switch, you also wan na make certain that the switch actually links someplace. Under button link below, allow'' s pick a web page, so allow ' s just send this to the products, let'' s state all items, and now the button is filled up. out as you can see right here. And I really wan na make.
the message below a bit smaller, so for the heading size I'' m gon na alter it to small. And there we go, that'' s the appearance I wished to choose. And now we wan na essentially.
do the exact same thing for every one of the various other slides also. Let'' s go back one step and after that select the second slide and after that, below it makes even more feeling to have the switch and the. message here on the lower right due to the fact that there ' s some void here.So allow'' s scroll down.
And then put the web content to the lower right, after that desktop positioning, let'' s do. And after that additionally uncheck this option and now the shade scheme is really good because we have a light history, so we need dark message. Currently, allow'' s remove the subheading and'after that I ' m just gon na utilize.
Heading size I'' m gon na do tiny below, and yeah, that looks excellent. Currently we additionally need to link the button, so allow'' s go to button web link and then again allow ' s link it.
to all products similar to this, and now the switch is filled in. So I'' m currently gon na do the same thing for the other two slides too.
Or actually I neglected to. alter the button message, so allow ' s just swiftly do that as well.I ' m gon na just alter it to go shopping from time to time relocate onto the other slides. Now I'' m done with all of these slides that I wan na have right here at.
the top of the web page. Obviously it'' s as much as you what sort of content you wan na add right here, I suggest to simply add.
a few of your bestsellers, or if you have some sale taking place, you can simply put a banner.
right here regarding your sale, or perhaps reveal some new collections right here and after that have the buttons.
go to those specific web pages. And, by the way, whenever you wan na see how your shop appears like on.
various sorts of devices, you can simply come to the top right and afterwards change from.
desktop computer view to mobile view and afterwards you can see just how the.
page currently looks like on a mobile phone, or also exactly how it resembles.
on a desktop version. However I generally I like to.
make the adjustments below on the desktop computer version.Now we ' re gon
na relocate'on the.
following section of our home page which is gon na be featuring a few of our items. Currently once again, it'' s up
to. you what sort of products you wan na attribute here. Usually what many stores do is kind of attribute their new kid on the blocks or perhaps their bestsellers, or possibly if it'' s a one-product store, you wan na have simply a. featured product area. By clicking on add section, you can include a highlighted product section and after that people can purchase. that certain product straight on the home page.But currently I '
m gon na show you exactly how.
To add our items to our shop, we'' re gon na have to go back. Make sure you conserve the modifications right here by clicking save at the top right and then let ' s float over the. And this method we have the Shopify control panel here in this brand-new tab, but we still have the editor open here and we can see all the.
This is simply a very easy means to kind of build your shop a bit quicker so you put on'' t have to just go. Currently, in your control panel,.
let'' s go to products and afterwards below allow ' s click on add item. And right here we just wan na. go from leading to bottom and add all the information.
concerning the product that you'' re selling.So as an example, I'' m just. gon na add a hoodie as an item,'so I ' m just gon na key in hoodie and then for the summary, you wan na undoubtedly additionally.
offer some more information regarding the product, what makes it unique, possibly some particular measure also depending on what you'' re selling. You can likewise utilize this
. produce message, an AI choice, to kind of have AI write a message or a description for you if you want that. After that under media, it'' s very crucial that.
you add high-quality photos of the products that you'' re marketing. A lot of your shop style will boil down to the kind.
of high quality of images you have that you can add as web content on your store. I'' m just gon na drag. and decrease in a couple of photos of this item and afterwards right here once they'' re posted, you can additionally reposition.
them however you want to.Then under rates, you can simply kind in the rate right here, so allow ' s state this is gon na be $99'and after that you can always. include a contrast cost and this is gon na be shown as a cost that will be kind of striked via. So kind of like currently it used to be $120 and currently it ' s simply $99. You can likewise add some details about your supply and likewise if you wan na charge. delivery based upon weight, you can
include the weight of the product here and if you have versions,.

like various dimensions, or colors, or any type of types of versions, after that you certainly wan na establish.
those up below under variants.Once you have entered all the details about your item, let ' s click save, and'now when we go back below we can see that under items we have our first item included. And to add more of our products, we just go to add item again and then experience the specific same actions. Now I'' ve included a couple of.
a lot more items to my shop and I likewise wan na produce a couple of collections. When we come over below.
and click on collections, after that below we can develop.
various classifications for the various sorts of.
products that we'' re selling. Currently there'' s like. a web page collection, I actually wear'' t need this one so I'' m simply gon na select it right here and I'' m gon na most likely to the 3 dots and click remove.
And then what I wan na do is produce a collection for males'' s apparel and then also for females'' s clothes. Currently I ' m gon na make it straightforward and simply stick to the manual one and after that we likewise wan na add an. Let'' s click on conserve and now I ' m likewise gon na.
Now, when we go back to our collections, we can see we have a men'' s. and a women ' s collection and I wan na include a 3rd collection for all of the products. Allow ' s once again go to develop collection and then I ' m gon na type in new arrivals. Of course, you can additionally simply add maybe a winter collection you.
Then I'' m simply gon na. Include a photo right here and then click on conserve and go back, and currently we have our 3 collections.But as you can see,

we have no items in. Let ' s go back to our products and then let'' s pick all of the products that are for males.
be these ones right below, and after that once they'' re picked, I ' m gon na go
to the. 3 dots at the base and click include to collections and'in this case I ' m gon na include. them to the males ' s collection and click save.And after that I'' m gon na do the very same thing for the women ' s products, so once more just note them all, go to the 3 dots, contribute to collections, and afterwards choose the females'' s collection.

And go down all of the pictures into this area, after that'once they ' re published, I ' m gon na select the. Let ' s add the 2nd image by going to the second one, pick picture, and currently allow'' s choose this one right here, click on done, and after that I ' m gon na go to the 3rd one, select picture, pick this one, done, and go back once again, go to the fourth slide, select the photo, and currently let ' s pick this one, done. Let'' s click on conserve and currently I ' m additionally gon na. Now, when we go back to our collections, we can see we have a males'' s. and a females ' s collection and I wan na include a third collection for all of the products. Let ' s again go to produce collection and then I ' m gon na kind in brand-new arrivals.And afterwards allow'' s just
add a few more items to, allow'' s claim the new kid on the blocks collection, let ' s simply add maybe these right below and most likely to include
collections and after that include these to the new kid on the blocks and click conserve. Now we'have actually included all of our items and additionally we ' ve produced a couple of collections to collaborate with. So currently we can go back to the other tab which is the Shopify editor. If you don ' t have this tab open still, you wan na just most likely to on the internet store here and after that click on customize and this will certainly take'you back to your editor. So we ' re back here on
the web page, and right here we have a. featured products area and this section will just. show a few of our products.Now what I wan na do is I wan na reveal my new. arrivals collection right here listed below this header or listed below this major section on top.
So I ' m gon na remove. this featured collection by clicking on the trash symbol and after that I ' m gon na. click on the add area and I ' m gon na search for. featured collection right below. And currently I need to tell Shopify what kind of collection I intend to feature below on the home web page. So, let'' s scroll down. on the left-side food selection and click pick collection. And in my situation, I wan na add.
the new arrivals collection, so I'' m gon na check this one and after that click on select. And currently we can see that the
. collection that is revealed are every one of the items that we have actually put right into the brand-new arrivals collection. We can additionally alter the title below, so I would additionally transform.
this to new arrivals and we can additionally include a.
summary, for instance, take a look at our brand-new supply.
or something like that. And currently the next area that.
I wan na add to my web page is I wan na reveal the guys'' s. and the ladies ' s collection so individuals that reach the shop, they can click guys'' s or females ' s depending on what they ' re shopping for.So, allow ' s return to the review right here and after that listed below my highlighted collection I'' m gon na include one more area and in this situation, I'' m gon na include a collection checklist so it will present the various sorts of collections we have. Let'' s click below and after that we can see there will certainly be 3 various collections showed. In my instance, I just wan na reveal two, so I'' m gon na just decrease the variety of columns on desktop computer to two and now we just have 2.
I'' m gon na select the initial collection by simply clicking on it and after that click on pick collection and I'' m gon na make use of the. And possibly allow ' s. And now I can see that there'' s still this 3rd collection down here, so we wan na erase that, so let'' s just click on it below and after that click on get rid of.
block on the bottom left and currently we'' re just entrusted the ladies ' s and the men ' s collection.Let ' s likewise remove this title below or maybe transform it to another thing. So rather of collections allow ' s simply state discover your design, and currently when people actually.
click on these collections they will reach the women'' s collection or the males ' s collection. So maybe let'' s attempt it out, let ' s click it, and after that you can see this.
is every one of the products that we have actually included in.
Allow ' s go back to our home page by changing pages here at the top and this will be like the standard framework of like a style store, so you have some way of life.
that you can show below, and afterwards you additionally have.
your major collections like for this store.
it'' s gon na be a females ' s and a men ' s collection.And then, if you wish to, you can additionally include even more things like if you wan na inform a tale, or if you wan na simply provide.
some even more details about just how your products are made, there is good sections.
for this type of web content, you can simply click include area here and after that add the area that.
would make the a lot of sense of what you like to communicate. Currently let'' s move on and take a look at just how to tailor the header of our store.The header is constantly on. top of every one of the pages on your store and presently we have two.
areas in the header, we have the statement bar which is this right here on top, and after that we have the header itself. The announcement bar is.
generally used for news as the name says, so as an example if you have a.
Black Friday sale taking place, what you could do is.
simply change the message here to something like usage code.
You can likewise kind in something like restricted time only, or simply something that will certainly get people to really purchase something. Now you can additionally erase this entire bar if that'' s not something you wan na do, you can just click on the trash symbol right here and then the entire. The very first point I wan na do is add my logo below to.
the top of the shop. So let'' s select our header and after that let'' s scroll right down and most likely to the theme setups, after that scroll additionally down and then you can see where.
you can place in your logo design. I'' m just gon na go down and drag in a logo design I swiftly developed in Canva, so I'' m simply gon na drag. and drop that in below, and this will automatically.
put in the logo to our header. Currently, if you'' re wondering how.
to produce logo designs really quickly, what you can do is just.
authorize up for a Canva account, I'' m gon na leave the link
. down listed below in the description and then you can simply.
enter something like fashion shop logo design and then you have a great deal of.
design templates that you can use, you can just alter the message below and afterwards download the logo design.
and utilize it on your store.So once it

' s uploaded, we can additionally transform some settings, so we can just drag the.
slider right here to the right, make it a little bit larger if we intend to, possibly we do desire 20 pixels. And after that we can likewise change the format of the entire header. So allow'' s scroll back up and then maybe mess around.
with the setups a little bit. So something we might do below is change the logo design setting, so what I such as to do is just.
in fact make use of middle facility and after that we have the.
logo design below in the center and the menu right here on the appropriate side. , if you wan na have a little bit even more of a minimalistic style.
below for your header, you could also transform.
the food selection type to a drawer and then you simply get this burger symbol where you can click and after that the food selection will open.
I'' m just gon na really. To customize this we'' re gon na have to go back. For example, I
don ' t. wan na have a home linkWeb link so I ' m just simply na click.
add some of my collections. I'' m just gon na click on add menu thing and then I'' m gon na click below and go to collections, and I'' m gon na select the males'' s collection and then I ' m gon na do the same point and additionally pick the ladies ' s collection.And to alter the order of the food selection
items things can just simply and drop. whatever we wan na change right here, so I wan na have ladies,. males, and afterwards contact. So let ' s click save menu and currently we can go back to the editor, save the page, and now when we reload the web page, we should have the ability to see the. brand-new food selection here at the top. Now let ' s carry on and most likely to. the footer of the website which is completely near the bottom. So right below we can click on it and afterwards we see all the. choices below on the left side.
By default they have actually included. this email signup area where people can kind. in their email address and after that you can send.
them out your e-newsletter or details coupon codes.
or something like that.If you ' re accumulating e-mails on your shop, I suggest to really supply something like a 10% discount on the very first order so actually people will certainly have. a reward to subscribe.
Just asking individuals to. sign up for your e-mails, that'' s probably not gon na work that well. So for this store, I'' m not gon na collect any kind of e-mails yet, so what I'' m gon na do it just. transform this option off below on the left side, I'' m gon na uncheck show email signup and after that this will disappear. And then right here we can enter.
all of our social media sites links. So to make these social.
media icons appear, we need to just duplicate and paste.
in our links to these areas, so for the Facebook account we just paste in our Facebook URL, and after that for the Instagram,.
we paste in our Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more. And just by doing that, these social media symbols will.
appear here in the footer and when individuals click those icons, they will certainly go to the links.
that you place in here.Now, allow '
s scroll back up.
to the various choices and afterwards we have the.
nation and region selector, so if you have multiple.
nations you'' re marketing to, after that you wan na make certain.
that this is enabled as well so individuals can transform the country that they'' re located in. We have the same.
thing for language selector and after that we have the.
Repayment methods. By default Shopify constantly shows you different settlement methods. If you wan na eliminate those, you can simply uncheck this choice and after that they will go away, but I advise to really.
Currently the next point that we need to do is really trigger the.
plan web links right here, so we wan na examine this choice, yet we haven'' t established up our plans yet so we need our shipping.
Policy, our return plan and so on.So that'' s what we'' re gon na currently, we ' re gon na establish up these pages and after that when we have actually done that, they will certainly appear in the footer. To establish up our policies, let ' s first conserve our changes and then let'' s go back.
the templates of Shopify.When you click

on develop from theme, then they will put in a template for a standard return and refund policy and what I advise is to.
simply gone through this policy and after that make any changes to your specific store and service. After that you can do the same.
Next off, we ' re gon na save the adjustments and after that we ' re gon na go back. And now we ' re gon na go. And after that I ' m gon na click on add food selection thing and after that add all of the policies that we ' ve just created by clicking right here then go to policies and after that pick all of your plans below and just include them to your footer menu.Once every little thing is added, allow ' s click on conserve food selection and then go back to the editor and currently we ' re gon na go.
by Shopify is currently gone, so we just have the copyright 2023 and after that your store name.Now we require to transform. the name of our shop to
our real brand name so we can see that right here.
At the base. So allow'' s do that now by returning to the dashboard, after that going to settings at the lower left and then below under shop information we can click on this pen symbol, and after that right here transform.
the name of our store, and this instance this would certainly be coconut I think is the name of this brand, so allow'' s click save. And currently when we go back to our editor and refill the page once again, we need to see near the bottom that the name of our.
store is now noticeable here.And when you click it, it ' ll simply reach the web page. So currently we ' re finished with. the header'and the footer of our shop, currently we can additionally enter into the theme settings and look at a couple of points there. To get to the motif setups, we can go to the.
side on this equipment symbol and after that you have all.
type of various choices you can undergo. So for instance under logo design we can see we currently included.
our logo design here to the header, however one point that we haven'' t included yet is our Favicon photo. If you wear'' t recognize what that is, you can just go to the 3 dots here and then click on view and this will open up.
your shop in a new tab, and below you can see.
in the tab window below there'' s a tiny symbol,.
and this is the Favicon, so we can customize just how that looks and generally that'' s simply kind. of the logo design of

the brand.So what I such as to do is simply add a square version of the logo design, so I'' ve prepared one for this store, I'' m just gon na drag and drop that in, it'' s essentially simply the. first letter of this logo design. Once that'' s added, I can just click on save, and now when I go back to the store, and then when we refill. the web page we can see that this icon is now
visible below. on top of the web browser. When we go back to the motif settings and go to the shades, we can likewise alter all.
of the different colors for all of the color design.
that this template has. If you desire to go into it you can, I usually simply leave it as it is since it'' s already kind of maximized. Same point with typography, below you can transform all the setups, all the various typefaces that.
you wan na utilize for your internet site, and afterwards you have some even more.
choices like computer animations, buttons, designs, and things like that.I typically put on'' t invest as well.
much time in these options because, like I stated, it'' s. currently kind of enhanced by the motif that we'' re using. Currently we ' re done with the major parts of developing our shop, we mostly focused on including.
points to the home page since Shopify kind of currently maximizes all the other pages based on the theme that you'' ve chosen.Like for

example, if we.
go to our product page, after that we can see that this.
is what it resembles, so right here you can see all the.
details that we provide when we add our items, then you have below the item images and generally you can see.
Some associated items here at the bottom based on the tags you give your products. Now due to the fact that I place'' t done that, you can'' t see any kind of products, however simply keep in mind that you have a whole lot even more modification alternatives, so for example you can add an additional area below at the bottom to your item pages. So there'' s a lot extra. things that you can do, however we simply covered.
When, kind of the basic things that you need to do.
starting a brand-new Shopify shop and you just wan na keep points simple.Also make sure to have a look at. Since many people nowadays, your store on a mobile device. are actually shopping on their mobile phone, so I wan na make sure. every little thing looks wonderful on smart phones also. If every little thing looks good, just go through all the pages and just see. Typically Shopify does an excellent job at optimizing every little thing for mobile, so there ' s nothing you need to do, however occasionally you just. wan na change something up because on mobile it doesn ' t look the method you intended it to look. Now prior to we go on. and launch our shop, there are some extremely important setups that we need to take a look at and points that we need to set up in order for us to start. marketing items on our shop. Allow ' s head over to. our Shopify dashboard and afterwards from here allow ' s. open our setups. Under store details, we
' ve already currently up our store name, but yet also additionally na make
. certain everything else is proper as well, like the billing info, the store money, and after that also like the. devices of your shop. An extremely crucial thing is establishing up our payment systems, so under payments we can. established Shopify repayments which will permit our visitors to take a look at using a charge card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Store Pay, whatever they want.So simply click on full account established up, then complete every one of your details to ensure that people will certainly be able.

to have a look at on your store. If you want to, you can. include PayPal checkout also. Allow ' s go to shipping and shipment.

For example, I
don Wear t. wan na have a home linkWeb link so I ' m just gon na click. I'' m simply gon na click on include food selection product and after that I'' m gon na click right here and go to collections, and I'' m gon na choose the men'' s collection and then I ' m gon na do the same point and likewise choose the women ' s collection.And to transform the order of the menu
items we can just drop and simplyGo down Policy, our return plan and so on.So that'' s what we'' re gon na now, we ' re gon na establish up these web pages and after that when we have done that, they will show up in the footer. Next off, we ' re gon na conserve the adjustments and after that we ' re gon na go back. And then I ' m gon na click on add menu product and after that include all of the policies that we ' ve just created by clicking right here after that go to plans and then select all of your policies here and just add them to your footer menu.Once everything is added, allow ' s click on conserve menu and after that go back to the editor and now we ' re gon na go.This is where you wan na.
established up your shipping rates for you to deliver the.
items to the consumer, so there'' s a great deal of. options below with Shopify, we can have a basic shipping price, for domestic shipping,.
worldwide delivery, or you can also have.
Make certain to take a.
look at this. And currently we likewise wan na go to domains and connect a customized domain to our store.
our own custom branded domain, and we can buy our domain.
or something like that. I probably would try.
and go for domain and once you locate one, simply click on buy and experience the checkout process and afterwards domain name will be.
instantly attached to your store there'' s nothing.
more that you require to do. After that, if you'' re selling internationally, it could also make good sense for you to head to languages and after that add even more languages.
via your store. Shopify makes it quite basic to convert your store.
right into other languages, just click here and.
after that select the language you wan na convert your shop in and afterwards experience this process. As you can see here, Shopify states that it boosts.
your conversion by 13% for global customers, so this is definitely.
something that you wan na do if you'' re selling globally. So now we have checked out.
the most crucial settings, so allow'' s close the setups present moment we'' re essentially.
all set to release our store.Currently our store is
not released yet, so no person can access it but us, you can see that right here it says your online shop is password protected and we can eliminate the password by simply clicking remove password and now our brand-new store is released. I wish this video aided you finding out exactly how to make a Shopify store. Please give if it did. this video clip a thumbs up and sign up for the network.
Thanks quite for viewing, I anticipate seeing. you in the next video.

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look appearance this. And now we also wan na go to domains and link a custom-made domain to our store. I wish this video assisted you finding out how to make a Shopify shop. If it did, please give.

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