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I have come to be a creator, now I will certainly make a site, an application as well, after that I will certainly advertise it, I will certainly go to the capitalist and ask for 1 billion bucks, I will state I will certainly offer 20 billion. One min, who will I.
get obtain website made from? Hi, do you make websites?

web site as a joke, after that I will inform you, canva took its first funding.
from the wireframe of its site, that is, only by informing.
the structure of its internet site, prototypes, that is, a demonstration of.
the website, a dummy internet site, which is a big thing, if you are starting and starting alone, if you need to send your.
internet site or solutions to individuals, will you provide them the insect one? No, so the prototype web site demonstration functions there, while investors can also offer.
you moneying from your model, there the prototype helps you a great deal, but it additionally has a trouble,.
it additionally needs to learn, layout, shade scheme, typefaces,.
positioning, margins, grids, so we can make our prototype.
far better than this with ai, and after that convert it right into a web site, the prototype will be a mockup, so that we can reveal our.
financiers and consumers, what the product really does, which is additionally called the.
beta version of the company, then we boost it and.
obtain our secure variation, they are made from the prototype, now tell me what is this, maybe you can'' t see. it since of the light, however this is a web site drawing, it is a wireframe illustration, and currently I can transform this.
drawing right into my site, that also real, now inform me what is this, this is a screenshot, and I can transform this into my web site, currently tell me what is this, this is a link, and with the aid of this, I can put the color system,.
typeface, layout of any kind of site, all those points, into my site, and yes, if you believe that all.
this is cheating and duplicating, after that let me tell you, that this product was.
the finest ai device in 2021, this warmth map that you.
are seeing on your screen, it is informing you where your most.
of the views get on the display, and I can place the very same.
thing in the website, so that I recognize what.
the customer is seeing, and all these points can be.
done due to the fact that of this ai tool, allow'' s see it, let ' s go right to our desktop screen, friends, this internet site was.
made for solo founders, to make sure that they can prepare a.
model of their site at a reduced price, and share it with their.
capitalists and customers, with their first customers, which can provide a feedback, and with the feedback, they can boost their.
solutions or products, so the very first impression of that.
is offered by this website, uizard, like you will certainly obtain to see the front web page, you can convert your.
screenshots into editable designs, and can edit, and you can also transform your.
drawings into a website or app, which I will certainly tell you.
exactly how that point happens, and you will certainly obtain a lot of such.
points along with the templates, now allow'' s increase, and we obtain to see some alternatives, product, ui layouts, for lots of people and start-up owners, there is an alternative to make mvp, which means prototype design, we will certainly go straight to the product, in the item, you.
will reach see ai style, if we click ai style, we reach see an interface right here, where an illustration is being.
transformed into an application, so we will merely register or log in right here, I will log in, if you are brand-new after that authorize up, so you will certainly get to see.
some user interface like this, in the sidebar, you will get.
to see the choices of tasks, you will obtain to see the.
choices of themes, you can also convert their.
pre-designed templates into your model, which is additionally provided by figma, adobe xd, you can collab with your team, and this upgrade alternative,.
I will show to you later, whether it is set you back effective or otherwise, and whether it can be a.
value for money or otherwise, so first off, we.
will most likely to the project, we will click on plus, after clicking on plus,.
you will certainly reach see lots of themes, here both totally free and paid, but we will start from scratch, so we will certainly click on scratch, and develop for the internet site, currently you can make an.
application for tablet and mobile, now we will certainly go to the website, we have clicked on the website, and after filling, you will obtain.
to see some interface like this, if you wear'' t know, that you can make a site
. with the assistance of chat and ai gpt, I have offered the link on the eye button, it is awaiting you.
resting in the corner, because additionally you got to see such choices, like forms, you will get many options of fonts, you can include images, you will obtain to add icons, by the way, we are thinking.
from the point of view of a founder, and will certainly try to make, below you are getting to see.
much more alternatives, switches, types, and here the last alternative you.
are obtaining to see is magic, we click that, in magic you are reaching see 4 options, check, wireframe, illustration, that is the painting I made, Not paint, I made an illustration, I will certainly tell you just how does.
this AI does all this, you have to click on check and sketch, and right here will certainly be a mapping out guide, and click on the sketching guide switch, below you will reach see, which drawing you have to make,.
to ensure that AI can comprehend, like here if you do picture framework, then this picture framework.
ought to be chopped, after that just AI will comprehend, or the surface must be plain, that is why I took simple paper, there were no lines in it, and if you are making a wireframe, after that produce it in a box, here I made one more blunder, I did not develop it in a box, you need to create it in a box, for message you can either.
make a line such as this, or you can use loren imsep, for photos you can make.
cross in various forms, so this provides you a full overview, that to convert an illustration to a site, What kind of sketches.
do you need to make? yet below we will utilize.
a little easier technique, because we are an owner, who does not recognize concerning formalities, absolutely nothing, it is zero, so we will certainly click on scan screenshot, on check screenshot, for instance, there is a music streaming solution,.
Resso, we will most likely to its internet site, so right here we will click resso, and resso has actually made a straightforward.
interface in the history, the video clip is playing, from.
right here we can download their application, and over you will certainly get.
to see the menu bars, and if we scroll, you will certainly get.
to see user interface revealing slides, which you will see in the app, this is a one web page website, which as a creator, we just need to reveal people, what are our solutions, so we can do that, so we take a screenshot of resso, and we have taken a screenshot, currently we click on an additional screenshot, like I have to go to this screenshot, below I need to figure out my features, so initially I take a screenshot of it, now we go directly to our uizard, now we click check screenshot, we will upload our screenshot, which we have actually taken, currently we have taken this set, first we will make our front web page, so it is uploading, it is processing, currently we click on import, it is posting on import, it is refining, now it will certainly refine gradually,.
We will certainly see what is the scene of this, so uizard has made a screenshot for me, I can convert this image, with my picture, or I can take any kind of image with unsplash, we have our music streaming service, so we will certainly do one point, we will certainly take a musical history, a musical background, which.
matches with our color design, it is matching, now we resize it a little, we have resized it a little, very excellent, it is made, now this home page, what interaction can we.
put on the home web page, we can give a.
web link to that home, either it takes place a screen, or a link opens from it, so we reach see these two options, first we click on the most likely to screen option, you can provide animation, if you desire to, and if we click on brand-new screen, a brand-new display will certainly open up, I am giving you a trial, view as soon as I clicked go to screen, so below you can see, a slim blue shade line is going, and this blue color line is.
going right to this display, means if you click on this home button, if a user clicks it, After that he will certainly most likely to this web page, On this screen, and in the very same way, model devices work, so we have taken one more screenshot, currently we will certainly utilize it, initially we scan the very same screenshot, and remember, I am providing you a trial, whatever site you desire to create, prototype style, that is your duty, now we click on import, it is being processed, now we have an additional screenshot, now we will do one point, this costs button, on this screen, currently I want this switch to head to a screen, we will click on plus symbol, we will go to this display, currently we will connect it, to this display, if you wish to offer animation,.
Then discolor, slide, you can offer anything, I will certainly click on none, there is no such thing on design design, now we will certainly see sneak peek, exactly how does preview come, so we clicked preview, currently we will see, we are on preview, on preview, the circulation we have.
made on the option of costs, to other web page,.
we click it, so after clicking on costs,.
we relocated to various other screenshot, and in the same way, you can.
make web pages for your web site, you can attach various.
brand-new web pages with your choices, I intend to stimulate it a little much more, so I click on the very same option, and this was our go to screen, and for animation,.
we will select discolor, exactly how need to fade be,.
tool, slow-moving, so we pick medium, after choosing tool,.
our services, like resso, with its software, so we can connect. the web link of that software application, now as an instance, I can divert this button to social media, with this option, which we'get to see the Open Web link, currently we have actually connected it, currently let ' s see the preview, exactly how it comes, now we click on costs, so it is going to the various other screenshot,. currently we click home, so this home will certainly go back to the display, so in the exact same means, with the. help of a screenshot and AI, we can develop websites. and their models, which can aid us a. lot for our future projects, along with this, you obtain to see. 2 even more alternatives in the magic tab, one is wise styles, smart styles, like we are seeing the. site motif of resso, which font it has actually made use of, which color pattern it has utilized, we can pick that, and we can do this in four methods, either we can make it.
ourselves from scrape, or with the aid of a photo, we can take its color pattern, or with the assistance of link, or with the help of the.
illustration you have made, and one is wireframe mode, wireframe setting, you will get it in this internet site, or you can make a wireframe, you can make a site structure, for the setting of, image and menu can create

that in the site, currently concern price, is this financial investment worth it or otherwise? utilizing AI, we can make sites in a snap, yet will it deserve it or otherwise, we will certainly see that currently, by the way,.
one month is cost-free, you get it right here, if you see monthly, this month-to-month pack is of 15 bucks, which suffices, 39 pack is for services. , if you desire to link a solitary web page.
site, or your solutions with the web site, then the 15 dollar pack is right, if you take yearly strategy,.
It cost you 12 bucks, by the means,.
this video is not sponsored, I am simply informing you its investment, and if your product is good, after that you can convert it in your revenue, and we will maintain bringing such AI devices, which will certainly aid you a lot in the journey of company.
development, start-up production, and business owners, and watch the video clip left wing, where we attempted to develop a site.
with the aid of AI and Chatgpt, and in the video on the right, exactly how can we make social media sites.
organization with the aid of AI, I will certainly meet you in the next video, till then be busy.

I have actually ended up being a creator, now I will certainly make a website, an app as well, after that I will certainly promote it, I will go to the financier and ask for 1 billion bucks, I will state I will certainly give 20 billion. One min, who will I.
get the website made from? Hello, do you make web sites? 20, 30 bucks for an hour? No, I will do one point, I will make it myself using no code tools, yet no code devices are no code devices, design will be needed in it too, I will certainly do one point, I.
will will certainly a prototypeModel then after that is a need requirement learn, I will will certainly it made from ai, if you also likewise the prototype.

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