Figma in 55 Seconds: Tables with auto layout and variants

this is a comply with up from a car design.
for tables video that i made in 2014 type something and include auto layout to it currently make.
it a part on the best menu struck “” plus”” on the variant alternatives choose the entire team rename.
home 1 to “” cell design”” select the initial cell rename it on the right to header name the.
other cell body command drag your header into your artboard twice on the variant decline down.
on the right modification the 2nd cell to body pick both of these cells struck “” change a””.
and rename this layer “” column”” prior to you make even more choose both cells and pick the much.
And right arrows on your resizing options currently you can make even more rows currently select this whole.
column and hit “” shift a”” to rename this team table double click into your column and replicate.
it now click out of everything and afterwards pick the whole table and drag it to the width that you need.
to autofill the room for the table pick each column and struck the left and best fill container.
residential properties choose one column drag it out to be larger and the rest will certainly resize to fit that'' s.
all i obtained for currently like and subscribe for even more.

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