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[Music] hello everyone in this video I want to show you how I get the 100 on page speed insights if you can see here I have all the 100 on mobile devices it is on 90 I will run the test again it has only with one point off but it's still the good results on the mobile and the desktop version the 100 also starts on other pages of my website the kilometers are already on the green when I run again as you can see I'm almost at the 100 the mobile and the 100 on the desktops and the point basically what I do is to really have a
good hosting for your wordpress site the one I use is the of clouds full to high frequency this one is recommended in many people facebook groups and any other YouTube videos and I want to show you that this is the
one that basically I use it actually quite cheap for 13 of course I have about 8,000 visitors it's a small block but it's growing and it's a good thing that if you keep growing you can upgrade your hosts so you can have even more power to serve all your visitors or if you need another one cloud service provider you can choose between digital ocean lead button amazon web services and google cloud and a good tip or the best tip I can do if if you are like me you are probably test and watch many other YouTube videos but you don't get the perfect results look for an expert I have here searched on fiverr and i found rimat who is one of the freelancers that helped me reach the numbers so if you have a basic
website or an e-commerce website you can rent rematch or you can search for core web titles here in fiverr and there are many freelancers that can help you to improve your website speed and to improve your download times of your wordpress website so but if you want to see what plugins I have basically I use elementor and elementor pro that as you may know these are a plugin or website and the wordpress speed is probably not the best but as you have seen i already have 100 so elementor is not really a big problem anymore and also i have some other plugins which are clearing assets also i have the concept of the gdpr cookie that it can add a little more code the load time rank also math static this is another website speed optimization plugin also wp rocket and wpml this is another plugin that might not help not so much on the site's speed, but as I said, there are no more problems by having
too many plugins on the configuration since I already got or hired a
freelancer I don't really know much done about the walkthrough, but if you want to try on your own you can try to see how it works statically this is one of the plugins that was installed you can set the API keys of your wordpress website make it also cleaning plugin where you can for example set which set files of the css and javascript files you want to load or want to avoid loading also about the settings here and clean asset this is the configuration of the minification and the this combination of the CSS files is configured here from the asset cleaning and also let me show you here from the wp racket I have the infinite license also on the cache could the cache for mobile devices and for the file optimization it was made here is the minification of the javascript and to the javascript was postponed and slowed down on the executions it was the basic configuration here set on wp rocket there was no big deal i also have cloudflood as provider of ca cdn it is set up here you can the global api key and zone id and it is also the most important configurations set it up so it was basically a video recommendation for the page speed optimization you already know, I give you this tip if you are not an expert and you are test but here you are tired of not getting the good result get cloud waste water regularly hire freelancer who is even better who can help you like this i hope this video helped you if you have questions you can comment don't hesitate to write down thanks for watching

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